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ium alloy valve body material

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We can supply you need ium alloy valve body material.

ASTM B61 - 15 Standard Specification for Steam or Valve

Abstract This specification establishes requirements for a high-grade steam-metal or valve-bronze alloy (Copper Alloy UNS C92200) used for component castings of valves, flanges, and fittings. Tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation shall be determined from separately cast test bars and shall meet the specified requirements. BUTTERFLY VALVEbody material 1 1~2 3~6 7~10 11~15 16 16 17 table of contents canawest technologies inc. alloy 20 alloy 20 astm b473 alloy 20 stl astm b473 stl stl astm a276 304 of valve body; and the offset between the stems rotation axis and the centerline of valve seat ring.

Cast Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Valves

Mounting of Body Seat Rings Bonnet Gasket Materials Body seat rings of KITZ cast steel valves are mounted on the valve body by seal welding as shown in the typical examples of gate valves illustrated below. Unless specifically requested in advance, mounting of body seat rings shall be made at the manufacturer's discretion. Cast or Forged? - Valve MagazineThe good news is that both types of valves should be able to provide you with acceptable performance, although a perception exists that forged valves are superior to cast valves. However, if cast valves are made properly, they can and have worked equally well in a variety of services and usually at a much lower cost than forged valves. Also, the belief that forged components are infallible is China Rohs Brass Material, China Rohs Brass Material China Rohs Brass Material, China Rohs Brass Material Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Rohs Brass Material Products at brass honey scrap ,valve brass ,brass copper bathtub from China

Cobalt-based Alloy 6 Materials and Boiler Feedwater Service

Cobalt-chromium Alloy 6 is a very popular material for hard valve trim in applications requiring resistance to sliding wear, erosion and/or cavitation. Its even successfully used in applications that are somewhat corrosive. However, in some areas of boiler feedwater applications where it would seem Alloy 6 should perform well, problems have been encountered. Gate, Globe & Check Valves Stainless Steel & High AlloyThe original casting technology used, which includes casting simulation, Slag Refining Process (SRP) and state of the art Exotic Material Furnace (EMF) heat treatment, makes KITZ the premier stainless and special alloy valve manufacturer. How To Select Valve Materials Winning Fluid EquipmentFor this reason, cast carbon steel is the most commonly used valve body material and can provide satisfactory service at much lower cost than the exotic alloy materials. Some commonly used carbon steel materials for valve body are WC steel (Wrought Carbon), ASTM A216/A216M and A105 as the forged version of this steel with grades WCA, WCB and WCC.

Manual Needle Valves - Instrument Tube & Valve Fittings

Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and alloy 400. With pressure rating to 10,000 psi and temperatures up to 1,200°F, Hy-Lok has a needle valve solution to meet your needs. For more information, find a Hy-Lok distributor in your area. REQUEST A QUOTE. Needle Valve Materials. Body - 316 cold worked stainless steel; Packing Marking of Steel Pipes, Steel Flanges, Butt Weld Fittings Each valve shall have a corrosion-resistant metal identification plate with the following information:- Manufacturer - Manufacturer's model, type, or figure number - Size - Applicable pressure rating at 100F - Body material - Trim material; Valve bodies shall be marked as follows:- Threaded-end or Socket Welding-end valves - 800 or 1500 Properties and Applications of Ni-Resist and Ductile Ni alloys and the ductile or spheroidal graphite alloys. Except for the copper containing ones, the groups have materials similar in composition but for a magnesium addition which converts the graphite to the spheroidal form in the ductile Ni-Resists. Copper interferes with the magnesium treatment and alloys high in copper cannot

Special Alloy Ball Valves - Swagelok

Add the valve body material designator from the table below to the basic ordering number . Examples:825-63TS8, 6MO-65TF16 Valve Body Material Designator 625 625 825 825 Alloy 2507 2507 6-Moly 6MO Additional Seat Materials Standard valve ordering numbers specify reinforced PTFE seat material . For other seat materials, replace T with the desired VALVE MATERIALS & SERVICE APPLICATIONSVA * The specially controlled process of this alloy, provides castings with heat resistance near or equal to wrought grades of alloy 20, that is say 800ºF (425ºC) but at time of this publication this had not yet been established by ANSI B16.34. VALVE MATERIALS & SERVICE APPLICATIONS Valve Casting Materials ASTM Casting Specification Common VALVE TRIM MATERIALS, API 600 TRIM CHART / API Trim All Size Valve Price in India - US $1-99999.0 / Piece 410/ 304/ F310/ Hard 410/ Hardfaced/ Hardfaced/ 410 and Cu-Ni/ 410 and Hard 410/ 410 and Hardfaced/ 410 and Hardfaced/ Monel/ 316/ Monel/ 316 and Hardfaced/ Alloy 20/ Alloy 20 and Hardfaced/ 304 and Hardfaced/ 316 and Hardfaced/ 347 and Hardfaced/ Alloy 20 and Hardfaced Valves Valves in India, Industrial Valve Dealers Exporters


Bronze is an alloy of copper to which tin, zinc and lead are added to achieve particular physical properties. Historically, it was the first metal used for casting. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Both alloys have excellent machinability and corrosion resistance and are used for relatively small valves in low-pressure service. Valve Parts (Body, Bonnet, Trim) - ProjectmaterialsSep 20, 2017 · Which are the key parts of a valve? It is a complex mechanical device manufactured by assembling a number of different components:the body (the pressure containing shell, made of cast or forged steel, available with flanged, threaded or socket weld connection to pipes), the bonnet, the trim (the disc, the seat, the stem, and the other wet parts), the packing and, the actuator (manual, gear Valve Trim and Parts Including API Trim ChartsIt provides the passage for fluid flow. The body may be cast, forged, or fabricated. Sometimes valve bodies are manufactured by a combination of cast, forged, or fabricated parts. A variety of metals, alloys, and non-metals are used for the manufacturing of valve body. The valve body is also known as a shell.

ANSI Classes & Body Material Selection - BBP Sales

BODY MATERIALS The control valve user normally specifies the body material, which is often the same material as the pipe. The most common choices of body material are carbon steel, chrome-molybdenum steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel is the most commonly used material for bodies.

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We can supply you need ium alloy valve body material.